muxViz is a platform for the visualization and the analysis of multilayer networks. It provides a Graphical User Interface (working with any browser) to provide access to many customizable graphic options to analyze and render networks. It currently supports different types of multilayer data analysis:

  • Multilayer correlation analysis
  • Multilayer centrality analysis and annular representation
  • Multilayer community structure detection
  • Multilayer structural reducibility
  • Multilayer motifs analysis

muxViz supports the visualization of the following multilayer networks


and the following layer layouts:


muxViz also provides support for visualizing dynamical processes and time-varying multilayer networks.

Official Website

Please, visit the official website (http://muxviz.net) of muxViz for further information.

Youtube channel

You might also want to take a look at muxViz in action: see the Youtube channel

Google group for support

Visit the dedicated Google Group if you have questions or to report bugs.


If you use muxViz (or any part of muxViz, or images available in the gallery) for your multilayer analysis and visualization, you should cite the paper

Manlio De Domenico, Mason A. Porter, Alex Arenas, Multilayer Analysis and Visualization of Networks, published in Journal of Complex Networks 3, 159-176 (2015) (Open Access)


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